Saturday, October 13, 2012

King Rama I fought another war with the Pharmas who were again trying to wrest control of Siam. During this war in 1785 at the ‘Battle at Thalang’, Phuket forever earned its place in the annals of modern Thai history. This is a summone from the king said unto the hunter, Mine affe’te’e. To live a consistant liave this pursuing of happiness, Constantin Falcon who taken care of the security action in that magic garden. Burmese invaders had attacked by land and sea and captured several cities on the west coast of Thailand. How did this could happened ? Yes! It has been there all the time in The King’s temple. How does the law of reincarnation enacted ? When birth is not the beginning of life, nor is death its ending. While preparing to defend his capital then located in the village of Thalang. the governor died leaving the forces defending Phuket leaderless, When birth is not the beginning of life, nor is death its ending, it is drawn again to the gateway of birth. Linked with the law of causation. Agreegate of past experience are held by the souls, which, on the death of the body, retires for a period of rest and recuperation, out-manned and out-gunned . Realizing they were out numbered, Chan, the governor’s widow and her sister Mook "also known as the Tao Sisters" disguised the island’s women as men., Bound to the wheel of begetting the forces of which it has not yet overcome, The great number of soldiers defending the island confused the Burmese, and cleverly devised attacks on their flanks and rear weakened their resolve. Believing the island had been reinforced from Bangkok and running short of food and provisions the Burmese decamped and sailed away. A grateful king conferred royal titles on the two brave and resourceful body, retires for a period of rest and recuperation. Bound to the wheel of begetting the forces of which it has not yet overcome, It is drawn again to the gateway of birth. Linked with the law of causation, may be understand as the principle of law. Thus, thoughts and actions react upon an actions react upon the individual for good or evil according to their nature. That is whatever they are used constructively or the other hand, distructively, wheather they are energized by the forces of love or hate in lives;”All what we are is the result of what we have thought.” If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him like a shadow. These have been fundamental tenets of Hinduism and its end the highest knowledge and the final peace and the supreme self- consciousness reigns eternally, and all sense of separateness is lost. Now the stream reverses its direction. The advent of man provide a vehicle for the direct descent from the spirit of a fragment of divinity, the ego of higher self, And man become soul, first, from, personality to reunion with the higher self. Seconly expanding self awareness to reunion with the spirit. And thrdly, the final and supreme at one-meant from the spirit to reunion with the absolute .“ Truly no one can tell what it is, not because it is nothing because when you are about to reunion of the spirit, that is something ” So much greater and grander than anything known, and that is not even an absolute yet. To reaffirm that the soul is immortal, and that it grows in statue as man’s spiritual evolution, proceed and achieve at one- meant with the source of light. the person who feels the value of life, as if, the wholeness is within reasonably reachable. “Dieu merci sait qui le veuille.” God only know. Dulcine’e,you are duty to conduct with honour. Le tempsperdu ne seretrouve, lost time will never found again. The seed of arboreal negligence would become windfall profit due to taxation. A’ cohesion of cour joie. “A bon vin point d’ enseigne.” Good wine need no bush.

Lotus flower in the shallow pond has made corresponding to African violet

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